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sacramento caUnited States

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Hello Everyone!

About Me

i am a mom of 3 and i suffer from systemic lupus and with the help of my awesome husband we are still able to give are all to our kids but because im on permanent disibilty there is no money to get these things done, thus why we have now become DIY'ers, so we have two major things we want to do first the kitchen and our bathroom take a look and give us ideas thanks.

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the kitchen that wasnt, this is a kitchen for 5, me the mom although i am disabled with SLE {lupus)and suffer from chronic pain I am still the cook, -i love to bake goodies for the boys and tamales and anything we can think of are copy from a recipe book -but when cooking for myself and four boys(my husband and 3 sons 14,12,9), as much as I like them in the kitchen helping there is no room in here for everyone.  I like to have everyone around me but I get frustrated stepping on toys are taking turns to walk by them to open the fridge. so it takes even more time to put the dishes away if someone is cooking cus you are in eachothers way. we plan to start in june of 2010 and we have some ideas but would love to here your suggestions we have never remodelled before but are confidant we can do it ourselves. the kitchen is exactly the way it was when we bought the house 8 years ago.  shortly after moving in i became really sick and tired all the time and eventually a 2 week stay to ICU, i found out that i had lupus and have been sick every since. so for me the best way to keep functioning is to have clean up days, my boys do the dishes daily, but the major stuff is done weekly, sorry it was not a clean up day when i took the pictures but it does show i dont have much storage. the problems are not enough counter space and the island is too big and not really functional except for the stove(there is no where to seat at on it). and it blocks the view into the living room and tv  i have chosen a granite counter top called butterfly verde its kind of green black with gold and pale white blue will be the for the island as well( we got an estimate for 1100.00 no install. i have looked at cabinets and they will be all wood but not sure what color yet the price will range from 2200 to 3000. so far so good  the tile for the floor is a yellowish brown beige stone color it is porcelin i found at home depot. we plan on getting stainless steel appliances. the counter with the sink measures 96 inches and with the dishwasher it will be minus 24. its knd of a reverse L shape, i would like to move the stove over the window area (the window looks out at the garage so I will cover this up) I do not want anything  on the island its new size will be 5ft long in the kithcen side and on the other 84 inchs long with the seat overhang going out towards the living room, the current one has wiring inside  but we will chop it in half anyway, so we can see into the other room. I am thinking about putting the refridge next to the door in the dining room and also adding 30x18x15 cabinets on the floor for window seating around the base of the dining room. should I keep the hardwood floors in the dining area are should I expand the tile from the kitchen all the way out? i would like to keep the dinng room for eating dinner we are a family that eats together everyday except when im sick and even then the four of them eat together so we dont want to lose that but we dont want it to small looking are crowded either. the dining room leads to a fireplace and then the front door and  living room its all connected no walls, all hardwood flooring, its like and L shape too -from left to right then down. what color backsplash should I use maybe more than one? any cabinets suggestions? layout ideas? right now we have 3 cabinets over the sink- below is the dishwasher, a  little 9 inch then sink with a double cabinet, next is the I part of the L and it has one cabinet that is to deep to get too without getting on your hands and knees and reaching like crazy, and with my joint problems i cant use it at all, then it has the pull out drawers and then the refridgarator, next to that is a door to the garage 30 inchs wide and then the dining room whch is like 120inchs long. okay thanks for your thoughts any advice would be helpful and if you'd like take a look at my master bathroom it needs major help too. PS all of your feedback has been very very helpful, but someone please advice sholud i tile out from  kithchen thru to the dining room are keep the hard wood floors and them seperate? and this will all be done by us on a tight budget we say 8K but will leave room for problems so between 8 and 10k,but no more if you know of any good inexpensive websies please share. thanks again, Kitchens Design
the kitchen that wasnt

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Created: Oct 11, 2009


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help need ideas, this is the master bathroom- it needs alot of help, we will be remodelling it in june of 2010, i need help with which sink to choose and  what colors of tile to choose, little tile or big tile. should we keep the same layout which seems to small right now or should we change it, two sinks or one? if we move the tub we would move it to where the sink is now and take out he wall behind the end of the tub to to open the space, we are gonna put in a sliding door to give more space also. we do know that we want rain showerheads coming out of the ceiling and jets from the walls not sure what style of tub to use but we dont want a shower door( or seperate shower) instead of a door we want to make a arch like encloser on the outside of the tub from the floor to the ceiling thats about 1.5 feet on each side and we would like it tiled also. please hlep with any suggestions thanks alot, Bathrooms Design
help need ideas

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Created: Oct 10, 2009


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