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VirginiaUnited States

Member Since Aug 2008

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Dark living room with Black furniture

About Me

Our 1924 house projects were so close to being finished but after 3 1/2 years of Chemo, a Kidney Transplant, Lupus, RA and the death of my parents, I lost all hope and drifted into depression which, I fought without drugs. I'm usually a very positive person who loves to help others but struggle with the fact I can no longer work because I have no immune system. More things need to be done to our house and yard but the money is not there. Mornings, it's outside with our rescued dogs, a cup of coffee and my prayers for all the sick, elderly and sad people. I do give talks to interns and resident doctors on what to look for when someone has Lupus and RPG (which caused my kidney failure) if I can help just 1 doctor to help someone else so they do not have to go through all I have, I feel wonderful.
My husband is amazing and has always been here for me. He works so hard and I feel helpless because I can not do things I used to do. Our house is 75% restored and our yard is so ugly but the funds just aren't here to finish projects and will never be. Our back yard bugs the life out of me because not only is the retaining wall (holding up the alley) crumbling, but the old and rotten railroad ties are a real safety concern. Our dream was to restore/sell and find a 1950's house.
I love watching HGTV or looking at the site on line and dreaming. It's is a great show and site filled with information and inspireation which has been keeping my dreams going. Thank you HGYV. You have NO idea how much your programs lift me :) God bless you all.

My Interests

HGTV Designers and Shows, Decorating, Home Improvement, Landscaping, Crafts, Organizing, Holidays & Entertaining, Real Estate, Colors and Color Combinations, Quizzes, Contests or Sweepstakes, Design Styles, Window Treatments, Dream Home/Green Home, Designs by Pros

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Update- Ugliest Backyard Ever, This is our backyard before and after.  As you can see, I started pulling the lattace off on one corner but didn't get far.  A copperhead snake came out of one of the timbers or rocks and lunged at me. I ran and screamed.   Did you know they will chase you?  I didn't.  Did you know they will coil up and lunge at you 4 feet away? I didn't.
All my neighbors heard me scream and by the time one rushed over and killed it, This copperhead was 3 to 3 1/2 feet long.  I wonder if there are still babies out there.  
 I am so frightened to go out in the back yard now I don't know what to do.
Just please, everyone be really careful - we live in the city and I have never seen a snake before.  Plus I never knew Copperheads were so aggressive. I just thought he would go away.  I've never killed anything and seeing this snake get his head cut off has really bothered me.
 Any advise as far as making sure there are no other snakes out there and how about keeping them out of my ugly yard?  I really want to have a pretty yard and not the ugliest one in the neighborhood.  Thank you so much for any advise :) , Yards Design
Update- Ugliest Backyard Ever

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Created: Oct 4, 2010


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UGLIEST Backyard EVER, Can you imagine going outside in the morning with your cup of coffee in hand to feed the birds, have prayer and to look at this backyard everyday?  It's just downright depressing!  And I have to look at this each and every day.  We are at a total loss as what to do and how to come up with the money to fix all these problems.  First of all, the landscape timbers are all rotten and hard telling what's living in them.  But they serve some kind of purpose - I don't know how much longer it will last though. 
The guest house/ storage building was actually the servants quarters when it was was built in 1924 and after years of neglect its about to come tumbling down but there is still some hope for him.  The crumbling cement retaining wall that holds the ally behind the guest house carries a lot of daily use including the garbage trucks.  This is a major project and I'm sure the cost would be far more than we will ever afford.  Since this backyard is like a fishbowl, we planted the bushes on the side to have a little privacy but it's way too much upkeep.  
The house has been a money pit from day one but slowly, we are trying to restore it.  This backyard has been the biggest challenge of all.  I am not a gardner - I kill everything I plant and I hate doing yard work.  The lower retaining walls get painted several times a year but when it rains all the mud runs down them and they look nasty.  We could really use some advise because this backyard project is way over our heads. HELP!!!, Yards Design

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Created: Sep 7, 2010


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My style is Eclectic

Anything goes as long as it goes together. Blending different eras and styles with a single statement. My home has Eclectic style.

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